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Improve the construction management with Vitruvi workflow management + KeyCom GIS


GIS based network and construction management

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KeyCom + Vitruvi = Build your network faster

Are you looking to deploy your GIS based network design faster, better and with better quality? Are you fed up managing your projects with Excels? Watch the following videos where we show how you get your network done in modern way.


CMP - Vitruvi - GIS

Integrated GIS and construction management

Bridge the gap between engineering and construction.

GIS attributes maintained throughout the construct phase.

Automated data exchange between design, construction and network inventory.


Link all work and designs to mobile technology

Available on Android & iOS.

Mobile App works in off-line or low cellular coverage areas.

Empower field works with powerful mobile technology.


Drive your construction efficiency 

From Survey to As-builts.

Drive schedule and cost predictability.

All production reporting workflows and approvals.

CMP - Vitruvi - Reporting

and Dashboards

Real-time insight into project status & milestone.

Forecasting and indicators to identify trends and risks.

Save time and effort in managing complex projects.

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