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Keypro is certified for ISO 9001 quality and ISO 27001 information security

General security

Security is a set of continuously developed processes and practices designed to protect critical information technology ecosystems. This included software, files, applications, databases, accounts, networks, offices and people. Effective security adopts a set of processes, controls, applications and techniques that identify the importance of data assets and apply the most appropriate security controls.

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Physical Security

Keypro has access control systems in all physical offices and software environments audited by third party

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Security Management

Keypro has implemented safety management model and dedicated responsible persons to ensure security

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Network control

Keypro products and software environments include network control components to maintain security

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All information in different systems are available and accessible to only authorized persons at all times

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Keypro uses leading security equipment and software solutions to ensure and develop reliability

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Environments are monitored all times with modern tools for both operational and security aspects

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Information is encrypted in various sources eg. databases, backups, data transfer etc.

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Keypro implements security mechanisms in many different levels from network level to product level

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Keypro products and services guarantee the principles of privacy and European Union GDPR requirements

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Keypro effectively controls and monitors all software systems, data flows and capacity


Security development

Security is a continuous process involving people and practices, and ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Secure environment is the result of security development processes where security is built in and thus everything is developed with security in mind

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Keypro has ISO 27001 information security and ISO 9001 quality certificates and is certified throughout the company.

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Keypro's information security and quality is constantly audited by third party company who tests, inspects and certifies operations

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Incident management

Keypro has implemented incident management which is part of information security processes

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Risk identifying

Keypro has implemented risk identifying and management which is part of information security processes

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Vulnerability identifying

Keypro uses technology in different environments and SaaS services to identify vulnerabilities.

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Keypro monitors updates from different authorities, system / hardware vendors and software companies


Operational security

Operational Security is the effectiveness of controls to prevent sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands. These include access controls, authentication, and security topologies applied to networks, systems, and applications.

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Access management

Keypro software products includes user management and different access roles to users

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Keypro uses different highly secure authentication methods in products such as MFA and SSO

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Data protection

Keypro software solution data is encrypted from the data origin to the data transfer end point

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Keypro has standardized backup and recovery processes to maintain customer data availability

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Keypro monitors the operation and security of the systems with separate dedicated systems, both ourselves and our partners.

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Security logs are collected and managed in a centralized log manager for further analysis


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