Field Survey Devices

Field survey devices and services as a turnkey delivery


Would it be easier to get the field survey devices and software as a ready-to-use delivery?


From field survey to cable lookup

With the mobile field survey feature, you streamline the whole mapping process. The mapping results are transferred from the terrain to the network information system with centimeter accuracy and you can forget data transfer between different software solutions. Also, you can manage the entire cable lookup process from order to field display.

Please note that this service is currently available only in Finland.

Field Survey

The survey feature is used with the mobile version of Keypro's geographical information systems. Connect the survey device to the mobile device, log in to the geographical  information system and start the field survey.






Cable display

With the mobile version of the geographical information system, you can also perform the cable display process on non-metallic objects, and the back-view function can be used to display a previously mapped network.



In mobile application, the viewer receives cable display requests in real time in their own work queue, and after the work is completed, a completion notification is returned to the network owner.





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