- Case Study -


Street lighting and traffic lighting network in the city of Kerava.




The city of Kerava implemented modern tool to manage streetlight assets.

Prior to the introduction of KeyLight GIS, the documentation for the street lighting network of approximately 8,500 lighting points in the city of Kerava was scattered over more than 80 different documents, and much of this information was still in the contractor's possession and not available for all stakeholders. This was a major challenge because the existing information could not be properly utilized and was not entirely in the possession of the network owner itself. This is what Miika Tiihonen, the traffic planner for street lighting in the city of Kerava, was describing.

When KeyLight was deployed, data was standardized, quality was improved and data availability among all stakeholders improved significantly. Now the documentation for the street lighting network was also fully in the possession of the network owner, making it much easier to update and manage the information.

In this way, among other things, the management of renovations was considerably speeded up, as it was possible to quickly find out the number and location of mercury lamps, for example, with the help of the tool.

From the network owner's point of view, the management and monitoring of the contractor's activities also improved, because only after the changes made to the network have been digitized in the network information system by the contractor will they be invoiced. This makes it easier for the network owner to keep the network information up to date and the quality of the data improving all the time.

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