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KeyAqua is extensive and interfaceable geographical information system to water-, sewer- and stormwater network professionals to document and manage their network assets including all network objects with extensive attribute and location information. 

KeyAqua can be connected to several other IT-systems to ensure data flow between system and show all necessary information in one central map view. Connect customers, maps, automation systems, remote meters and other IoT-devices to see and analyze data.

Read more below to see what IT-systems can be connected to KeyAqua.


Water ecosystem crm

Connect customer relationship management systems to import necessary customer attribute  and location data on map view and to see water end users information directly from KeyAqua


Water ecosystem automation

Connect automation and IoT-systems to import different flow-, remote metering and other system information and measurement data on map view to make analyses directly from KeyAqua


Water ecosystem maps

Connect map services to import city's or utility's own detailed base maps, cadastral information, aerial photos, soil types, planning information and other private and public data


Water ecosystem analyses

All imported information is combined and visualized in KeyAqua and is used to make advanced reporting and analysis for example hydraulic modeling and water balance calculations


Water eocystem data

Connect other public and private data sources to import picture and attribute information to KeyAqua and visualize and search imported data together with network map 


Water ecosystem reporting

Connect to third party reporting and data visualization systems to export necessary information from KeyAqua and create deep analytical reports combining several data sources

Power of integration

Water utilities are using several different IT-systems to ensure necessary operations and data management. Modern operating environment includes different hardware and software solutions and data flows between systems are becoming more important.

KeyAqua GIS is interfaceable with all other IT-systems to import and show data in one central view of the network. Information can be used in advanced network analysis features such as hydraulic modeling and water balance calculation.

KeyAqua GIS

KeyAqua is geographical information system for water-, sewer- and stormwater networks which includes different tools and features to import, update, enhance, manage, report and export network documentation.

Different interface solutions enable possibility to connect KeyAqua with many different data sources and combine information to make deeper analyses.


KeyAqua network


CRM integration

Connect customer relationship management system and import water users account and consumption information to understand how future network operations affect to customers.

Communicate with customers using text messages and send notifications to mobile phones regarding future supply interruptions using fault map and improve customer satisfaction.

Water ecosystem crm


Automation system integration

Connect different automation systems and import measurement device information to understand water consumptions and water flows in the network.

Define metering areas and include remote meter flow- and consumption information to understand how network is constructed and where are problematic areas. 


Water ecosystem automation



Connect different map services and import detailed base maps, aerial photos, ground and height data, cadastral information and other map related data.

Combine map information and network bojects to make better plans for network maintenance, renovations and other investments.

Water ecosystem maps


Data integration

Connect other available public and private data sources to import different picture and attribute information to KeyAqua.

Show, visualize, search and utilize imported data together with network map to understand water supply network in a deeper level.

Water eocystem data


Modeling and analysis

Imported information from different IT-systems can be utilized in KeyAqua when doing advanced network analysis and deeper planning  and reporting.

Imported information from different sources can be used for example in hydraulic modeling and water balance calculation operations.


Water ecosystem analyses



Connect to third party reporting and data visualizations systems to export and combine data from several different private and public sources.

Create customized dashboards, advanced report exports, heat maps, data analysis features and other visualizations to help planning maintenance.  

Water ecosystem reporting




By interfacing  different IT-system together with KeyAqua, water utility has one central view to whole water distribution network to understand overall situation and network condition. Sharing data between different systems makes all necessary information available to all internal and external stakeholders and thus network operations much more efficient. 

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