We are Keypro.

25 years young with 300 customers globally.


About Keypro

We are a Finnish software and services company specialising in network and spatial data solutions.

Our customers are the owners, contractors, designers and operators of various underground and surface networks. We serve more than 300 customers, covering telecommunications networks, water supply networks, electricity distribution, street lighting, district heating and natural gas. We are an internationally unique company, as we offer both expert services related to online information and software solutions for online information itself. In addition, we operate the nationwide management clearing service in Finland. Internationally, we deliver professional services and online data solutions to several countries - our partner network covers more than 10 countries.

Thanks to long-term development, our customer relationships are also typically long and our customers can trust the management and processing of online information in our hands for years to come.

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We do our work with high quality, professionalism and pride in the end result, bearing our responsibility.


We boldly develop our own operations and turn challenges into opportunities.


We operate transparently, stably and with trust in both good and bad times.


Keypro Team

We each bring our skills and qualities to make up the Keypro team.

Ari photo

Ari Rummukainen

Chairman of the Board

Life long participation in development of network information systems, spare time taking care of garden and rambling in forests.

Kai photo

Kai-Uwe Prokki

Managing Director

Enthusiastic business developer with engineering background. Balancing life with friends, family and boating.

Toni photo

Toni Paila

Vice President, International Markets

Computer engineer turned to international sales professional. Based in Helsinki. Cycles when roads are not icy. Spends time with his four daughters.

Kirmo photo

Kirmo Uusitalo

Vice President, International Sales

Experienced IT and telecom specialist, enjoys developing great features both on stage and in business.

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