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KeyAqua is extensive and interfaceable geographical information system to water-, sewer- and stormwater network professionals to document and manage their network assets including all network objects with extensive attribute and location information. 

KeyAqua can also be connected via interfaces to several different third-party IT systems to create a comprehensive situation awareness of the water supply network in one window. You can connect for example remote meters, IoT sensors and automation systems.

Read more about data import and creating snapshot view in KeyAqua below.

Situation awareness


Visualize measurement device alerts on map view and use information in daily maintenance operations and for risk management


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Analyze measured information for example using water balance calculation to locate leak areas

What online-data means?

Online data refers to information produced and measured by various water supply network sensors, measurement devices and other automation systems. Data can be brought to KeyAqua for viewing and further processing.

Using online-data, it is possible to create a real-time situation awareness of the network to KeyAqua, available to everyone.


Utilizing online-data data in KeyAqua


The data produced by the Scada- and different measurement systems can be displayed in KeyAqua on separate forms, presented in a diagrams with selected parameters, or visualized in the map view with selected colors.

In general, the data imported from these systems includes water flow volumes, surface heights, alarms or network and measuring device condition information.

With these, KeyAqua can create a comprehensive snapshot of the entire network, which is available to all users and shows the most important information about the network in one central view.

In this way, site visits and various maintenance and repair actions can be quickly and precisely targeted at the right place and location. The central view can also be used to analyze where maintenance measures should be aimed in future.

The information can also be used in water balance calculation, i.e. identifying the most leaking areas and reducing leakage water.

When online data from sensors and meters is imported into KeyAqua, it can be also used in network risk and asset management.

KeyAqua network



Read more


We tell you more about KeyAqua's measurement service in our blog Measurement service in KeyAqua and KeyDH products.

You can also learn more about more detailed analysis such as water balance calculation and hydraulic modeling.

General information about the further development of the online information system can be found in the blog Smart water project news.


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