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Prime Water

Water supply company responsible for more than 52,000 water service connections​.


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Philippine Water Districts going for KeyAqua cloud GIS solution

Keypro, together with its Philippine partner SRDP Consulting Inc., has delivered a number of KeyAqua cloud based water network information and GIS solutions in the Philippines. Water districts that now have experience in KeyAqua include Cabanatuan City Water District (part of PrimeWater), General Mariano Alvarez Water District, Tanza Water District, Teresa Water District, Amadeo Water District.

Each of cases covered professional project management, data analysis accompanied with data sanity check and data enhancement, data migration, training at customer’s premises and continuous support. More and more Philippine water districts start to see and enjoy the value of convenient cloud solution instead of up-front heavy old desktop and license systems.

Additionally, Keypro is hosting an online directory of all water districts in the Philippines. It was proudly launched during 40th PAWD National Convention.


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