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Cable lookup service 24/7 is Keypro Oy's comprehensive, nationwide wiring and cable display service aimed at network infrastructure owners. With the help of the service, the network owner can fulfill the obligations required by law to find out the location of the underground networks for the diggers in order to avoid danger.

With the help of the service, we streamline and speed up the entire management review process by automating and transferring part of the personnel work to the system. In addition, the turnkey service enables network owners to outsource comprehensive management and display operations to streamline their own operations.

Our service can be connected to online information systems, which increases real-time monitoring of events and transparency of events. The course of events documented from start to finish speeds up and clarifies the interpretation of claims.

The service is free for diggers, and surveys can be ordered electronically around the clock from our website . For diggers, we offer a clear user interface, telephone guidance and excellent maps and instructions in electronic format. We employ more than 12,000 registered diggers and documented domains of more than 550 operators.



Our company has 20 years of experience in telecommunications network design, from off-road investment plans to automated software network design. Our professionals serve both telecommunications companies and contractors to create a cost-effective plan.

The making and presentation of plans is done with our company's own KeyCom and service products, as well as by utilizing the automation software of our partners. Finished results and plans can be easily transferred to customer systems.

We also do power grid design for investment planning and licensing.



Our service includes water supply, electricity distribution, street lighting, district heating, gas and telecommunications network mapping services, as well as the import and continuous updating of existing mapping data directly into the Customer's network data solution.

The survey is carried out by a professional team with years of experience or in cooperation with our well-known well-known subcontractors. The necessary equipment, processes and working methods have been optimized with cost efficiency and a high-quality end result. In particular, we have paid attention to the sharing and overall efficiency of our terrain mapping service and our online information systems.



In the network information maintenance service, our experts update the new and changed network information directly into the customer's network information system based on the materials provided by the contractor. Our experts also use non-Keypro Oy products on a daily basis in connection with documentation. Our comprehensive documentation and material maintenance services cover the water supply, electricity distribution, street lighting, district heating, gas and telecommunications network industries.

Our quality assurance process ensures that all information agreed with the customer is documented with the desired accuracy, so that the customer can focus on their own core business and obtain up-to-date network information from the network information system whenever needed.

In addition to documentation, the service business also covers demanding network data maintenance work in various information systems.

We offer network information systems for asset management of various network types as a cost-effective cloud service. We take care of the transfer of the customer's current online information documentation to the new system, implementation and user training. Our support service helps you solve online challenges.

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