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Multinational telecommunications company and mobile network operator present in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.



Telia to Upgrade to Latest KeyCom Network Information Solution

TeliaSonera Finland Oyj (part of Telia Company) owns and operates fixed and mobile network in Finland. The company manages over 56 000 km of fiber-optical network and 130 000 km copper-based network and serves customers nationwide in Finland, both consumers as well as businesses.

Keypro and TeliaSonera Finland have long history of collaboration. Years 2000 to 2004 Keypro surveyed over 10 000 km of TeliaSonera’s fixed network and year 2001 supplied first generation Bentley MicroStation based network information solution. In addition, over the years and still today, Keypro delivers a number of professional services to TeliaSonera Finland. Services include network planning, network documentation, data manipulation and enhancement and tooling for automated network design.

With respect to network information solution, TeliaSonera’s usage and needs increased gradually and soon the CAD-based solution started to get outdated. CAD-based solution was bound to desktops, desktops needed constant support and upgrades and the number of users was growing. With more than hunderd users daily the cost of maintaining was getting higher while the features available were lagging behind. Also, newrequirements came along, especially related to enterprice use of GIS data and synergies that can be realized combining the geospatial data of physical network assets with other kinds of GIS data.

Therefore in 2015 the company decided to start renewal project to replace the old GIS and network information solution.

TeliaSonera Finland researched alternatives and decided to acquire KeyCom network information solution by Keypro. “With their decision TeliaSonera Finland showed great confindence with Keypro’s software and services”, says Toni Paila, CEO of Keypro and continues, “And, this was not just supply of software license but data migration and software interface development with many levels of integration and testing.”.

TeliaSonera’s license allows the company to run KeyCom on their own server cluster. There are dedicated servers for the KeyCom application, its database and the map processing to make everyday usage smooth and scaleable for the high number of concurrent users who document, plan, maintain and process the nationwide TeliaSonera network in Finland. “TeliaSonera wanted to apply modern technology in network information management and KeyCom was selected for that purpose”, says Mikael Svahn, Department Manager, of TeliaSonera Finland.

The end users simply log in with a web browser to use the system. There is full logging and user access control in place so that TeliaSonera can fluently work with contractors as well. In the renewal project Keypro was also main responsible party to deliver data migration from the previous solution to KeyCom, including processing of 30 000 thousand map pages. Keypro also developed the interfaces to other systems. “We had a very complex project but the good working procedures with TeliaSonera Finland and our existing contacts helped a lot”, says Janne Kammonen, Director of Software Development at Keypro and continues “Our priority is to make sure that the customer’s operational system – in this case critical system – performs well and that we respond to any questions and solve them quickly”.


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