The efficient telecom network information system in your browser

The KeyCom network information system by Keypro provides you with full professional functionalities for management of your network ranging from planning to network deployment and service activation. Be it wired or mobile network, KeyCom allows you to manage the exact information of the network components, including cables, ducts, micro ducts, devices, physical and logical connections, circuits and customers.

The optional automated planning component, FiberPlanIT by Comsof or Setics Sttar by Setics, helps you in implementing a precise and optimized network plan, so you can design a high quality cost-effective network rapidly.


  • Enhance your network operations
    By using KeyCom, you and your contractors greatly enhance the whole process of managing your network. KeyCom is the shared collaboration platform which delivers the vital information needed in successful operation of your network.
  • Efficient access to your network information
    With the easy to use KeyCom in your browser you can access, edit and report your important network information efficiently. As you know exactly how your network is built and how it is used, providing high quality network services is easy.
  • Physical and logical connectivity
    KeyCom keeps track of both physical and logical connections of your network. By clicking on any object of your network you can view and edit how the object is connected and how the circuits are using the component.
  • Customer data and GDPR compliancy
    Each circuit may have a customer using it. With the detailed access privileges you can define who has access to personal data as required by GDPR. 
  • Advanced importing of surveying data
    KeyCom supports importing of surveying data from almost any surveying instrument. Additionally, surveying data produced with an Android based GPS surveying device (e.g. Leica Zeno 20), surveying data can be entered from the field directly into the KeyCom network information system, allowing the immediate utilizing of the surveyed data.
  • Interfaces
    The KeyCom API enables various operations and support systems (OSS) to interact with KeyCom. The interface to service activation systems speed up the delivery of network services to customers. With the standard WMS and WFS interfaces you can exchange the Geographical data between other geographical information systems.
  • Searching and reporting
    KeyCom’s extremely versatile searching and reporting capabilities allow you to get information rapidly about the network, including customers and schematic connectivity drawings for different purposes, such as network maintenance and design, and investments.
  • Distribution of information to the stakeholders
    You can freely create own usernames for all stakeholders without extra cost, and grant access to only the data needed. This way, you’ll maintain and distribute the information about your network easily with all parties.
  • Versatile printing
    KeyCom allows you to produce print-outs in different sizes and serial print-outs from the desired location in paper as well as in electronic PDF format.
  • Cloud service
    KeyCom operates fully in the net, so you need only an Internet browser to operate the network information system. A constant monthly fee. You can create as many extra user accounts as you need without additional cost.
  • Mobile
    KeyCom operates in a tablet as well as smartphone, using a mobile user interface. For this purpose, all you need is a mobile device with Internet connection and browser.
  • Avoid damages when digging
    KeyCom has a direct interface to the safe-to-dig cable lookup service which delivers the information needed to avoid damages to your network in civil works. Be well informed of the underground utilities before you dig.