For modern management of street lighting network

KeyLight by Keypro is a comprehensive network information system for professionals for asset management of street lighting networks. With KeyLight, the network owner, contractors and planners maintain the exact documentation about geographic and property information of the network and guide tasks for maintaining and servicing the network in a controlled manner.

In addition, citizens send fault reports that are collected by a work order module. It creates tasks to supervise and carry out the reparations in a documented way. This way, you can make managing the tasks and their implementation systematic, transparent and monitorable.


  • Geographic and property data
    KeyLight allows you to exactly document the geographic and comprehensive property information of energy networks and their related elements.
  • Traffic light network
    In addition to street lighting network, you can also document geographic and property information of your traffic light network.
  • Advanced importing of land survey data
    KeyLight supports importing of land survey data from almost any land survey instrument. Additionally, data produced with compatible GPS smart device (such as Leica), can be entered on the field directly into KeyLight network information system, thus speeding up the process and allowing the immediate use of the data.
  • Interfaces
    Among others, KeyLight is compatible with the tools of the most popular provider of lighting controlling systems in Finland, C2 Smartlight. Data interchange between other systems is also easily possible.
  • Fault reports from the citizens
    Citizens can report faults in street lighting using an open, map based interface. From the reports, tasks are created, and they can be handled using a work management system.
  • Work supervision system
    The work supervision system allows managing fault reports that have been received and handing them over to the correct persons in charge. This way, monitoring the faults and their reparations goes in real time and is transparent.
  • Searching and reporting
    With KeyLight extremely versatile searching and reporting capabilities, you get quickly the information you need about the system to support e.g. maintenance, planning and investments.
  • Distribution of information to the stakeholders
    You can freely create own usernames for all stakeholders without extra cost, and grant access to only the data needed. This way, you’ll maintain and distribute the information about your network easily with all parties.
  • Versatile printing
    KeyLight allows you to produce printouts in different sizes and serial print-outs from the desired location in paper as well as in electronic PDF format.
  • Cloud service
    KeyLight operates fully in the net, so you only need an Internet browser to operate the network information system. No local installations, no browser plug-ins. A constant monthly fee. You can create as many extra user accounts as you need without additional cost.
  • Mobile
    KeyLight operates in a tablet as well as smartphone, using a mobile user interface. For this purpose, all you need is a mobile device with Internet connection and browser.
  • Avoid damages in digging
    A direct interface to the safe-to-dig cable lookup service – be aware before you dig.