All utility data in one map view

KeyYJK by Keypro is a web-based, joint utility map service that combines the cable locations of all network owners within an area into a centralized map view. As a result there is an up-to-date view to the water, wastewater, telecom, gas, remote heating and electricity infrastructure in the area.

This way, municipalities and cities can better plan, coordinate and manage all constructions that take place in their area, simultaneously preventing duct and cable damages


  • One view
    Integration of information from all network owners in an area into a single map view.
  • Background maps
    Possibility to define several background maps and material to be displayed, e.g. base map, zoning and orthographic images.
  • Versatile printing
    KeyYJK allows you to produce printouts in different sizes and serial print-outs from the desired location in paper as well as in electronic PDF format.
  • Interfaces
    Possibility to automatically import utility data between systems through interfaces. This way, the utility data is always up-to-date.
  • Distribution of information to the stakeholders
    You can freely create usernames to all stakeholders without extra cost and grant access to only the data needed. This way, you’ll maintain and distribute the information about your network easily with all parties.
  • Cloud service
    KeyYJK operates fully in the net, so you need only an Internet browser to operate the network information system. No local installations, no browser plug-ins. A constant monthly fee. You can create as many extra user accounts as you need without additional cost.
  • Compatibility
    Full compatibility with other Keypro network information solutions, such as the Safe-to-Dig cable lookup service.
  • Avoid damages in digging
    A direct interface to the safe-to-dig cable lookup service – be aware before you dig.