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Telia to Upgrade to Latest KeyCom Network Information Solution

TeliaSonera Finland Oyj (part of Telia Company) owns and operates fixed and mobile network in Finland. The company manages over 56 000 km of fiber-optical network and 130 000 km copper-based network and serves customers nationwide in Finland, both consumers as well as businesses.

Keypro and TeliaSonera Finland have long history of collaboration. Years 2000 to 2004 Keypro surveyed over 10 000 km of TeliaSonera’s fixed network and year 2001 supplied first generation Bentley MicroStation based network information solution. In addition, over the years and still today, Keypro delivers a number of professional services to TeliaSonera Finland. Services include network planning, network documentation, data manipulation and enhancement and tooling for automated network design.

With respect to network information solution, TeliaSonera’s usage and needs increased gradually and soon the CAD-based solution started to get outdated. CAD-based solution was bound to desktops, desktops needed constant support and upgrades and the number of users was growing. With more than hunderd users daily the cost of maintaining was getting higher while the features available were lagging behind. Also, newrequirements came along, especially related to enterprice use of GIS data and synergies that can be realized combining the geospatial data of physical network assets with other kinds of GIS data.

Therefore in 2015 the company decided to start renewal project to replace the old GIS and network information solution.

TeliaSonera Finland researched alternatives and decided to acquire KeyCom network information solution by Keypro. “With their decision TeliaSonera Finland showed great confindence with Keypro’s software and services”, says Toni Paila, CEO of Keypro and continues, “And, this was not just supply of software license but data migration and software interface development with many levels of integration and testing.”.

TeliaSonera’s license allows the company to run KeyCom on their own server cluster. There are dedicated servers for the KeyCom application, its database and the map processing to make everyday usage smooth and scaleable for the high number of concurrent users who document, plan, maintain and process the nationwide TeliaSonera network in Finland. “TeliaSonera wanted to apply modern technology in network information management and KeyCom was selected for that purpose”, says Mikael Svahn, Department Manager, of TeliaSonera Finland.

The end users simply log in with a web browser to use the system. There is full logging and user access control in place so that TeliaSonera can fluently work with contractors as well. In the renewal project Keypro was also main responsible party to deliver data migration from the previous solution to KeyCom, including processing of 30 000 thousand map pages. Keypro also developed the interfaces to other systems. “We had a very complex project but the good working procedures with TeliaSonera Finland and our existing contacts helped a lot”, says Janne Kammonen, Director of Software Development at Keypro and continues “Our priority is to make sure that the customer’s operational system – in this case critical system – performs well and that we respond to any questions and solve them quickly”.

HELEN - Finland’s largest provider of district heat deploys KeyDH

HELEN is Finland's largest provider of district heating and covers more than 15 000 heating and cooling consumer points within Helsinki area. Lifecycle of HELEN’s existing software for managing network documentation was coming to an end and early 2017 company started new project to define detailed specification and requirements of a new modern network information system. Later that year extensive tender document for acquiring district heating and cooling network information system was released.

Keypro developed existing KeyDH solution to meet customer requirements according to specification. Project included extensive data migration and interfaces between third party systems such as CRM and workflow management system. KeyDH was deployed to production use in 2019 and is constantly being developed to meet customer requirements.

UFINET renews their existing network information system with KeyCom

UFINET is a neutral wholesale operator in the telecommunications market. UFINET provides data connectivity to its clients through fiber optic with extensive network coverage in major cities in 16 countries. More than 52 000 km of optical fiber deployed and over 18 years of experience is what makes UFINET one of the favorites in Spain and LATAM.

In September 2016 UFINET started a transition project with a target to renew their existing network information system with KeyCom Network Information Solution by Keypro and to introduce KeyCom as the platform for both network information and geospatial information. The delivery project is executed in collaboration with Keypro and Cirosip S.L., the official distributor of Keypro solutions in Spain as well as the local engineering services provider with a long standing customer relation with UFINET.

The delivery project scope consisted of developing new features per UFINET’s needs, migrating both UFINET’s physical and logical network information into KeyCom, migrating geospatial data into KeyCom and training UFINET users to use KeyCom.

Vantaa Energy uses the KeyDH network information system to manage the district heating network

Vantaan Energia Oy is one of the largest providers of district heating in Finland and covers approximately 600 kilometers of district heating network. Vantaan Energia’s existing software for managing district heating network did not anymore meet the requirements of modern working environment and tender for acquiring new district heating information system was released in 2017.

Keypro developed further KeyDH district heating network information system and deployed it to production use during 2019. KeyDH included mobile workflow management module and supply interruption communication functionalities. Project also included extensive data migration and interface to third party software for planning purposes.

KeyDH mobile interface enabled field workers to access network information directly from the field and to manage and document different tasks and work items. Functionalities also included automated report for Finnish Energy organization to fulfill reporting needs required by law. Software is constantly being developed together with Vantaan Energia to meet requirements of modern working environment.

Másmóvil uses Keypro’s KeyCom network information solution in its operations in Spain

Másmóvil is telecommunications provider that covers all of the Spanish provinces with its fiber optic network. Today Másmóvil reaches 1.6 million homes with its own fiber network and additionally serves 8.5 million homes in collaboration with Orange. There are more than 500 users working on the network: designers, field force, quality assurance, network operations. To support and enhance its growing network operations, Másmóvil decided to use KeyCom network information solution by Keypro. The solution is fully hosted by Keypro as a convenient Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.

The KeyCom solution is daily used by more than 200 concurrent users involved in planning, building and operating the Másmóvil network. KeyCom’s area based permissions empower the contractors with powerful features in their assigned areas. As part of the project, Keypro together with its Spanish official partner Cirosip Ingenieros executed a data migration project covering one million homes passed. In the operational setup, KeyCom provides periodical data exchange to collaborating networks to synchronizes the status of the network.

Estonian Broadband Development Foundation deploys KeyCom

Estonian Broadband Development Foundation (ELA SA) is Estonian nationwide fiber-optic backbone operator. Based in Tallinn, Estonia, it currently owns and operates fiber-optic network of close to 6 000 kilometers covering the whole Estonia. ELA SA rents fiber transmission capacity to local operators and other institutions.

In the beginning ELA SA used desktop based network information and GIS solution. Unfortunately the solution had become outdated and lacked some features that were important for ELA SA. Also the existing solution did not have features to support contractor collaboration.

To overcome these challenges, ELA SA worked together with Keypro and took KeyCom network information solution into use. As part of the deployment project Keypro further developed KeyCom to meet ELA SA’s unique needs. Keypro and the local partner Geospatial OÜ executed also complete data migration from existing data sources as well as number of interfaces to existing systems used at ELA SA.

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency manages their nationwide road light assets in KeyLight

In 2016, the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency (FTIA) released public tendering for the management of road lighting assets, which were intended to manage the entire Finnish road lighting assets. Keypro Oy won the tender and the KeyLight asset management tool was fully implemented in 2017.

In addition to the deployment of the customer environment, the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency's delivery project included partial customization of the solution to the needs of the customer. Project included large programmatic conversion, covering approximately 250,000 lighting points for road, bridge and tunnel luminaires, and 4,500 street light premises. Keypro also organized regional training sessions in different parts of Finland, targeting different stakeholders (designers and contractors). At present, the system has nearly 150 unique users.


The documentation of the street lighting network in the city of Jyväskylä was previously maintained by the Jyväskylän Energia Oy. The same software was used also to maintain the documents of the electricity distribution network.

In 2016, Jyväskylän Energia Oy announced that it will move to the new software for the maintenance of the distribution network at the beginning of 2018. The company could not guarantee the compatibility of the new software with the maintenance of the outdoor lighting network, so it was agreed that the maintenance of the documents of the outdoor lighting network would be entrusted to the city in the same context. The goal was that the new software should be able to control not only the outdoor lighting network, but also the traffic light network documents. The city of Jyväskylä competed for the acquisition and ended up with the KeyLight network information system. The procurement process and the deployment of the new software, as well as the conversion of existing network data to Keylight, succeeded well and stayed on schedule.

A prerequisite for the successful maintenance of an outdoor and traffic light network is that the subscriber knows what he owns and what is the condition of the property. These basics are the source of design and procurement data that should be managed by the network owner. It is now possible to comprehensively view assets from different perspectives and access to basic information for competitions, for example, is even easier and faster. Investment decisions and plans are also easier to make and justify based on factual information from KeyLight.

In addition, electrical safety issues must be taken into account. There must be no outdated network information in use by anyone. The correct information should be available only in one place and used in real-time on terrain. The KeyLight network information system fulfills all these subscriber goals well.

The experience of the year has shown that the program works reliably and has great potential for future asset management development. These identified development targets include, for example: warranty management and fixed debt calculation tools in the future. In addition, it has been seen as a positive thing that the company has actively involved users in development and the software is being developed together.

Keypro´s mapping and software services brought the extra effort to renovations of street lights in the municipality of Kemiönsaari

"Map user interface is so significant, because it tells you straight all the light types, amounts and locations”, answers Frida Vuorio, the planning engineer of Kemiönsaari municipality, when asked about relevance of mapping the street light network objects. At the moment there are locations of approximately 2400 street light units of Kemiönsaari in Keypro´s web-based network information system KeyLight, which has brought a lot of efficiency and savings to the maintenance and planning of the street light network. Let´s have a closer look how they have ended to this point in the municipality of Kemiönsaari.

In the year 2009 in Southern Finland´s archipelago small municipalities of Kemiö, Dragsfjärd and Västanfjärd banded together and established a new municipality of 7000 inhabitants, called Kemiönsaari. At that time there was not any documentation about locations of street light network. In addition, attribute information of street lights had been documented by different ways in each municipalities which made the data very scattered. “We didn´t have any clue about the amount of street light units, not to mention locations of the poles and cables”, tells Frida about the situation after the joint of three municipalities. Only the locations of the street light distribution boxes was known, even though their distribution areas was more or less shrouded with a mystery. 

After the joint of municipalities all the attribute information of street light units in Kemiönsaari area was updated in excel-tables. However, according to Vuorio excel-tables was soon considered inadequate, because those were lacking locations of the street light units and for example the distances between poles were still unknown. Thereby, the municipality of Kemiönsaari decided to contact Keypro. Keypro was already familiar company in Kemiönsaari, since the water utility of Kemiönsaari had been using one year the web based network information system KeyAqua for maintaining and planning water and sewer network information.

Since Kemiönsaari municipality didn´t have survey and mapping devices of their own, Keypro offered the all-inclusive turn-key solution, which included the mapping of street light units, importing the results of mapping and converting existing attribute information to the KeyLight and the maintenance itself of the KeyLight. “The fellow [Ville Koivumäki, Keypro] hammered away long hours as a piece work, it was very fast operation after all”, remarks Frida Vuorio the mapping process. Mapping was performed during warm summer days in the beautiful maritime landscape of Kemiönsaari with the GPS receiver device. Whole mapping project, which included mapping of 1500 street light units, was done in a week. After that all results of the mapping was imported to the KeyLight easily with a few mouse button clicks.

Since then, both location and attribute infromation of the street light network of Kemiönsaari has been maintained in the web based network information system KeyLight. In KeyLight the network information is conveniently available for all operators of the street light network. Frida Vuorio adds, that since KeyLight is web based, it enables that all stakeholders can use the same up to date information. This intensifies significantly the data sharing and makes the sending of paper printouts and emails unnecessary. Besides Vuorio there are four active KeyLight users; one planner and local contractors.

European Union´s (EU) Energy Efficiency Directive, that prohibits the manufacturing of mercury street lamps after year 2015, has brought some challenges to the renovation plans for Kemiönsaari municipality. Approximately 1900 out of 2400 street lamps are still mercury lamps and Vuorio estimates that it takes about three years to replace them all. However, Vuorio points out that the accurate and up to date network information in KeyLight has helped remarkably in planning the renovations and fitting them into the budget of the municipality. “It is a much easier to do decisions and convince the decision makers, when you can show an accurate network information as an argument of your plans”, Frida Vuorio highlights one among many of the advantages of KeyLight in planning renovations of the street light network. 


Optowest uses the FTTH consumer portal of Keypro

Optowest has taken Keypro's Fiber-to-the-Home service into use. The service is an optional module of KeyCom and makes the fiber network availability visible to consumers. Interested customers within the Optowest service area are now able to check online whether they are able to get Optowest fiber service and contact Optowest via the portal. Project Manager Yngve Källberg states the following: "With the service we get exact information about the future customers and we get visiblity in marketing circuits in new areas. The penetration percentages in fiber areas  can be found in our web pages. As the construction is steered by the penetration percentage, the average construction cost per household decreases."

Optowest has used KeyCom for management of their fiber network since 2012. Also, cable lookup and NOC process for Optowest goes through Keypro's service.

Philippine Water Districts going for KeyAqua cloud GIS solution

Keypro, together with its Philippine partner SRDP Consulting Inc., has delivered a number of KeyAqua cloud based water network information and GIS solutions in the Philippines. Water districts that now have experience in KeyAqua include

Cabanatuan City Water District (part of PrimeWater),
General Mariano Alvarez Water District,
Tanza Water District,
Teresa Water District,
Amadeo Water District.

Each of cases covered professional project management, data analysis accompanied with data sanity check and data enhancement, data migration, training at customer’s premises and continuous support. More and more Philippine water districts start to see and enjoy the value of convenient cloud solution instead of up-front heavy old desktop and license systems.

Additionally, Keypro is hosting an online directory of all water districts in the Philippines. It was proudly launched during 40th PAWD National Convention.

Learn more about KeyAqua here

KeyLight brings flexibility to the maintenance of outdoor light network in the city of Vantaa

Vantaa is a city of 200 000 inhabitants located in the metropolitan area of Helsinki, the capital of Finland. There are approximately 35 000 outdoor light units illuminating streets, parks and other outdoor areas in Vantaa. City uses the KeyLight network inventory system for maintaining and updating the location and attribute information of outdoor light network. KeyLight is a web-based GIS system for street light network. In Vantaa Operations Manager Janne Kaarakainen, who is responsible for outdoor light units, notes that since KeyLight is web-based, it brings flexibility to the maintenance of outdoor light network as there are several KeyLight users in Vantaa, such as: city´s street planners, contractors responding maintenance and surveillance and also street light network planning company. 

Kaarakainen mentions, that KeyLight has brought significant added value to the documentation of Vantaa´s street light network, since there is not anymore need to buy separate licenses for new KeyLight users and install softwares to desktops. By following SaaS (Software as a Service) service model city of Vantaa can manage the amount of KeyLight users by controlling user rights of stakeholders. This way KeyLight users can log in to the system with their user names and passwords anywhere, even from the field beside the street light pole. 

In addition to KeyLight, city of Vantaa uses KeyLight´s Work Program, which is a work flow management system for faults of outdoor light network. One of the most important features of this system is a public web interface, where citizen can report in a map interface about light faults that they have observed. When citizen has placed a fault spot on the map and given fault´s details, the last thing is to click the button and fault report will go directly further to the contractor who is responsible for maintenance of outdoor lighting in this area. Kaarakainen remarks, that this procedure reduces remarkably contacts to the customer service of the city and speeds up noticeably fault managing process. There are from five to ten fault reports coming every day. “There are so many reports, that this kind of system is vital,” Kaarakainen summarizes the meaning of KeyLight´s Work Program for the city of Vantaa.

European Union´s (EU) Energy Efficiency Directive prohibiting the manufacturing of mercury street lamps after year 2015, has built up pressure to renew street lights in municipalities and cities all over the Europe. In addition, EU´s directive has given in Vantaa a push to renovate outdoor lighting in large-scale, since there are still approximately 15 000 mercury bulbs remaining. Even though the EU´s directive is currently causing some extra work for the maintenance of outdoor lighting, Kaarakainen considers it necessary improvement in long run, as it improves energy efficiency and thereby brings savings to the city. In this renovation process efficient database query features of KeyLight makes locating of mercury bulbs a lot easier: “It speeds up a lot the process, while we can find smoothly information from the desired area”, clarifies Kaarakainen. In practice this query process denotes few clicks and cropping the desired area in KeyLight. As a result, user is able to see all mercury bulbs highlighted in a same map interface.

Keylight offers a number of useful functionalities for maintaining outdoor lighting network. Kaarakainen mentions the network follower tool as one example. It helps to observe cable connections and supply areas of distribution boxes, when they can be fluently highlighted on the map. “Network follower helps to delimit the faults and it is also helpful tool for planning the network”, continues Kaarakainen. Even though KeyLight is already workable geographic information system for outdoor light network, it will not stand still. To improve the system Keypro, the city of Vantaa and its stakeholders have regular development meetings. For example, for the next version of KeyLight there will be a new short circuit calculation tool, which Janne Kaarakainen finds very pleasant and useful tool for users. Intensive cooperation among Keypro and the city of Vantaa ensures the flexible management of outdoor light network in the future as well.

Kemin Vesi Improves Maintenance of Water and Sewer Network with KeyAqua by Keypro

Kemin Vesi is a water utility company operating regionally in the area of city of Kemi in the Northern Finland. The company delivers fresh water to more than 22,000 inhabitants and is also responsible for managing the sewer and storm water network. In total, the company operates more than 400 kilometers of infrastructure. 

Kemin Vesi uses the browser based KeyAqua solution by Keypro to maintain and document their entire water and sewer network. Documentation includes both spatial information on each network element as well as property information for each element including various attachments. Before Kemin Vesi took the browser based KeyAqua into use the company used a previous generation desktop based solution – StellaJohto. In the past there were also a host of other formats in use including paper documents, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, CAD files and a good deal of implicit knowledge based on individual persons memories. This high variety of information sources and formats caused an information management challenge to Kemin Vesi – a challenge that the company solved by taking KeyAqua into use. ”There in an enormous amount of information that is generated every day when operating water utility network, for example documents and photos to name few. Both the existing network we have and new network we are just building must be documented precisely”, describes Veijo Savolainen, Network Engineer at Kemin Vesi, ”KeyAqua provides us a handy way to manage and access all of the needed documentation from a normal web browser”. 

KeyAqua is widely used at Kemin Vesi. In fact, everyone who needs to access network information can do so easily. And the system works on laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile devices - one only needs to have a web browser. ”Right from the start we decided that this should not be only a tool for engineers”, Mr. Savolainen emphasizes. ”And also right from the beginning the mobile use case was important for us – our people need to be able to access the system even from the field”. Mr. Savolainen tells that at Kemin Vesi the KeyAqua network information solution in used by management, installation and service staff as well as anyone else in the organization. 

In addition to network documentation, Kemin Vesi uses KeyAqua to manage communications with the customers of the water utility. The company uses the short message service of the KeyAqua to notify the customers. For example, when there is a scheduled service outage approaching (for example due to routine maintenance), the company notifies the customers simply with text message rather than distributing paper printouts. Also the short message service is utilized for internal communications and in collaboration with other authorities. In the future Kemin Vesi will also manage other aspects of the planned maintenance of their network assets. For example, the sewer system requires periodic check-ups and other maintenance operations ranging from two weeks to months depending on the element type. To manage these maintenance programs with KeyAqua is in the plans. In the future Kemin Vesi intends to increase and widen the use of KeyAqua even further. In addition to leading planned maintenance programs, the company is now investigating the use of leak reports with the solution.

Finavia - Network information systems for airports

Finavia Oyj provides airport services and creates connections from Finland to abroad via 25 airports. Finavia operates and maintains airports, provides security control for passengers and luggage, maintains runways and ensures safe take-offs and landings. For the management of telecom networks Finavia uses for example Keypro solutions.

How KeyCom brings significant operational benefits to a fiber network cooperative

Co-operative Kymijoen Kyläkuitu is currently building the largest open fiber-optic network in the South-Western Finland. The co-operative was founded in spring 2010 to ensure availability of broadband network service in the rural areas of Kouvola-Iitti region according to goals set by Laajakaista 2015 initiative. The construction of the fiber-optic network started in September 2012 and now more than 70 households are already connected. The co-operative has signed deals with over 1200 households and the final target is to provide fast fiber-optic access to more than three thousand homes.

There are number of stakeholders involved in building a modern fiber-optic network. The role of co-operative is to manage, own and coordinate the project. Currently the planning of the network has been awarded to Empower and the construction and documentation of the network has been awarded to Eltel Networks. Kymijoen Kyläkuitu has used KeyCom network information solution by Keypro from the start. “KeyCom is in the heart of operations of our network. It supports sales, planning and building”, says Jarno Laitinen, CEO of co-operative Kymijoen Kyläkuitu. Everyone operating with the co-operative’s fiber-optic network has access to an accurate and up-to-date view of the network. “It is most important to connect sales people, planning people and building staff seamlessly. Without KeyCom this would be a hassle”, explains Mr. Laitinen and tells how the web-based KeyCom by Keypro brings especially faster and lighter collaboration platform for everyone working in the same project.

But how does the co-operative use KeyCom in day to day business? Jarno Laitinen describes the process from the sales to construction. First, the people working in the sales input a new subscriber to the system: the exact location of the customer and the contact information. Next, the network planners immediately see new customer on the map background and can optimize the next stretch of the cable route accordingly. In addition, the network builders get the contact information so that they can directly contact the customers when approaching the customer premises. Finally, once a part of the network has been built the builders upload the measured land survey data and other as-built documentation into KeyCom.”This real-time access enables all of us to work in most efficient way. There is no way to run this business with paper prints or emails”, concludes Mr. Laitinen.

The co-operative even uses KeyCom for meeting practices. Namely, the real-time map view of the current and planned fiber-optic network works as the backbone for the weekly follow-up and planning meetings. ”Everyone is present: sales, planning and construction. In the meeting we project the current view from the KeyCom up to the wall and then everybody discusses in the context of that view. It is a very simple but effective process”, tells Mr. Laitinen. Real-time information sharing and access is absolutely critical in the large fiber-optic case such as Kymijoen Kyläkuitu has. Namely, part of the customers actually wake up and make decision to subscribe when the building near their neighborhood starts, and this affects the plans in a very short notice.

Finally Mr. Laitinen demonstrates how the co-operative makes their plans available for the public: “On our web site you can find an online map that pulls the information directly from KeyCom via standard web interfaces”. To protect the privacy the public view does not show exact locations of individual subscribers. Instead, the public interface shows summary-level information on number of subscribers and where the co-operative is planning to build next stretches of network. Also, one can then conveniently become new subscriber on the same web site.

KeyLight on the same journey with the city of Pieksämäki

Pieksämäki is a city of about 20 000 inhabitants, located in the Eastern Finland, 300 km from the capital of Finland, Helsinki. City manages planning and maintenance of 6000 street light units. In the beginning of year 2013 city of Pieksämäki brought into use KeyLight to manage their street light network. KeyLight is a fully web-based network information system which runs as a service in the web browser, anywhere you have an internet connection. The situation in Pieksämäki before Keylight solution was fairly typical: attribute information of street light units were documented in excel spreadsheets, and rest of the street light network data was maintained in a workstation based CAD software. Electrician engineer Simo Salmikuukka, who is in charge of street and a traffic lights in Pieksämäki, considered the old way to manage street light network disorganized, because the data was scattered and it was difficult to perceive data as a whole. Instead, with Keylight the street light network data was combined together and concentrated in one single data base, which simplified the daily operations of street light network.

There were several reasons for Pieksämäki to take Keylight in use. But perhaps one of the most important reason was to ensure the continuity of maintenance operations. In fact, Salmikuukka is about to retire in the next few years: "When I get off in year and a half, Pieksämäki still need to be able to keep going." Salmikuukka notes that with the old approach it would not have been possible to transfer smoothly the street lighting network data into use for the next generation. In this stage of transition Salmikuukka saw the web-based Keylight as an only right solution, since it enabled to transfer all the data to the database from where the network data is easily accessible for all operators of street light network of Pieksämäki. Salmikuukka characterizes Keylight as “an everyman´s program", which is easy to use and accessible anywhere: "Keylight is a reasonable and user-friendly program. Maintenance group can operate in the field with laptop, paper maps are not needed anymore."

In addition, Salmikuukka considers that Keylight has brought remarkable added value by bringing life-cycle thinking to the management of street light network. That is to say, Keylight offers tools for all stages of managing street light network from design and construction to maintenance. "From the beginning to the end we can use one single system," Salmikuukka summarizes one of the most important features of Keylight.

At present, the city of Pieksämäki has three permanent Keylight users. However, KeyLight brings flexibility to the practices for the coming years, since the accurate access control of web-based Keylight enables to increase easily the number of users and makes it fluent for new operators to access the network data. Simo Salmikuukka describes KeyLight metaphorically as "a baton in a relay race, where baton is given in exchange to the next runner." The journey continues forward, only the runners change over the years.

Combined utility maps simplifies remarkably excavations in the city of Mikkeli

Mikkeli is a city of 55 000 inhabitants in Eastern Finland, 230 kilometers from Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Most of the owners of cable and pipe networks in Mikkeli have transferred their network information into digital format. This enables utilization of network information in a brand new way and help various facilities of municipalities to coordinate their work even better than before.

Keypro Ltd. has developed this kind of combined utility map service KeyMap. CEO of Keypro Ari Rummukainen tells that in Finland combined utility maps have entered in a widespread use not until last year. In the background of KeyMap are softwares, which company has developed previously e.g. for technical management of water utilities. “I believe that in the future KeyMap will be among one of the most important tools used in infrastructure planning”, says Rummukainen.Diversity and inadequacy of initial data was a long time as a bottle neck for combining maps of water and electric utilities, telecom providers and departments maintaining streets. In KeyMap diversity of initial data is not an obstacle when combining data into the same accurate base map. In KeyMap all the various cables and pipes can be easily transferred into the same digital view.

The city of Mikkeli is one example of municipality using combined utility maps based on common GIS-database. “Both delays and mistakes produce costs in the worksite. It is an absolute advantage if both of these can be minimized. Based on experiences in less than one year it is apparent, that combined utility maps enables all this”, states Reijo Turkki, the manager of the Mikkeli´s water utility company.

In the common combined utility map database there are in addition to Mikkeli´s water utility company other city´s departments that are commissioning excavations. One of those is electric utility company ESE-Verkko Ltd., which is operating in the area of Mikkeli. Survey engineer of ESE-Verkko Ltd., Antero Levänen considers as an essential advantage of combined utility maps the feature that you can survey several alignment options of cables easily and demonstratively already at the planning phase. “Already at the first sketch phase you can distinguish cables´ alignment options which can be implemented and which not. Also, at the implementation phase advantages are undisputed – despite the fact that here in Mikkeli we have created many years ago common rules to inform other operators”, argues Levänen.

City geodesist Hannu Peltomaa for his part emphasizes, that combined utility map brings location accurate and up-to-date map-based information of underground utilities and devices to all parties – safely, without intermediaries and time delays. “The planning and customer service in utility companies benefit from reliable system, where updated base map and real-time network information are continuously available”, states Hannu Peltomaa.

With KeyAqua faster and more efficient customer informing about water supply in the municipality of Lempäälä

Lempäälä is a municipality in Southern Finland, about 160 kilometres from the capital of Finland, Helsinki. Water utility company of Lempäälä is responsible for water supply and sewage treatment to 19 000 inhabitants. Currently company´s operating range covers approximately 540 km water, sewer and stormwater networks. In addition, company collaborates with neighboring water co-operatives so that the location information of co-operatives´ networks is centralized in water utility company´s network information system. At the beginning of 2014 operational model of company changes and it will become an independent enterprise called Lempäälän Vesi utility company.

Water utility company of Lempäälä has been using KeyAqua to network maintenance and documentation since 2010. Before web-based KeyAqua company was operating with older generation´s workstation based solution. Besides daily water network maintenance water utlity company has put a great effort on faster, more modern and straight forward customer informing. In fact, company uses SMS feature of KeyAqua in informing customers about various exceptional situations.

“In 2011 we asked our customers to give their telephone numbers for forthcoming announcements”, tells network engineer Arto Löppönen from the water utility company of Lempäälä. “The result was extremely positive and as an end result we got register, whereby we are able to reach over 70 % of our customers by SMS”. In addition to this single questionnaire, Lempäälä´s water utility company collects and fills in their CRM system. After updating contact information, interface was established between KeyAqua and water company´s  billing system (Logica Vesikanta). In practice, this denotes that by defining freely an area in water company´s KeyAqua-system, SMS can be sent to any customer.

Now we may ask, for what purpose Lempäälä´s water utility company uses this possibility? “Informing customers beforehand about water outages is one important use case”, specifies Löppönen and continues, “We can limit the area accurately on the map and send customers living in this area information when water supply will be down. This is noticeably faster and easier way to inform than share paper notices.” Another customer case in Lempäälä is changes in traffic arrangements. When traffic arrangements changes temporarily caused by water utility company, Löppönen can limit this area in KeyAqua and directly send SMS to residents living in the area. Emergency communication is not forgotten either. “Luckily, there has not been any need to use SMS service to emergency communication, but if needed, with KeyAqua we can reach customer in these kind of situations as well”, tells Löppönen.

KeyAqua experiences of Kymen Vesi

Kymen Vesi is a regional water and sewer utility company operating in the region of Kymenlaakso in Southeastern Finland. Kymen Vesi provides its clients with good quality drinking water reliably, safely and economically. The company takes care of the waste-water treatment of the region, respecting environmental values. Kymen Vesi operates the water supply network of 800 kilometers including trunk lines and another 800 kilometers of sewage lines. Households served by the network cover 72 000 inhabitants, which is around 95 % of the whole population of Kotka, Pyhtää and Anjalankoski regions. In addition to its own network, Kymen Vesi operates with more than twenty water co-operatives in the region. 

The Company’s own mapping team takes care of the entire water and wastewater network mapping, maintenance of property information and documentation. ”We use the KeyAqua solution of Keypro for management of the location and property values of our entire network”, says Timo Kurittu, the cartographer of the water supply and continues: ”Besides our own network, we supply local water cooperatives with network mapping and documentation services. This is how we get all utility networks on the same map view”. Kymen Vesi shows the direction on the national level in providing help and active support to the many water cooperatives in the region. 

Hassle-free online access to network information is for Kymen Vesi a very important feature. This includes both the internal operations and co-operation with other stakeholders. ”For us it is important that we can deliver the location information of our constructions to the cities, other utilities and constructors of the region”, emphasizes Kurittu and specifies: ”We want that our own or our contractors' activities do not endanger our own or other utility networks. We expect the same from others utility networks as well. Only the seamless information sharing of Keypro solutions makes this possible.” Through the implementation of the Keypro KeyMap joint utility map solution, Kymen Vesi has online access to a number of networks of other utilities in their KeyAqua solution. 

Easy access to and maintenance of network information is a requirement for efficient operations of a water utility. A common KeyAqua system has been particularly useful as Kymen Vesi was born through the merger of the three regional municipalities in the region.”At the start we had the regions of Kotka, Pyhtää and Anjalankoski – and all had slightly different arrangements and operating methods of network information”, recalls Kurittu. Now all stakeholders at Kymen Vesi can access the same, up-to-date network information with their browsers: land surveyors, planning department, network department, installers, sales and company management. The Mapping team even uses KeyAqua directly on the field with their laptop equipped with a mobile connection. 

How does Kymen Vesi then use KeyAqua on a day-to-day basis? First of all, KeyAqua is the geographical information management system of the network. KeyAqua can easily distinguish all network elements from water towers through duct network up to wastewater treatment plants. All network components can be visualized with annotations, accessories and element condition information. The system covers operating areas, water supplies as well as basins. All these can be seen on four different background maps. 

But Kurittu states that KeyAqua is much more than just a location map system: ”We use KeyAqua for managing the network such as handling the faults and repairs and CCTV recordings and planning the renovation projects. In the future, the use of KeyAqua will increase”. Kurittu states that in the near future the management of the water movement and properties will play a more significant role in KeyAqua. He says that in the sewage network it is essential to manage the storm water management and flow monitoring. In addition in the water network it is important to link the strategic network measurement points to network elements and model the fault information dynamically on the network map. “Thanks to collaboration with Keypro we now have a network information solution that very well satisfies the special needs of a modern water utility provider”, states Kurittu.

Best practices in cable location processes: experiences of Kaisanet

Kaisanet Oy is a modern IT and telecommunications service provider located in Kajaani, Northeastern Finland. The company employs about 110 experts and the company has several partners in the regions of Kainuu, Northern Savonia, Koillismaa and North Karelia. Kaisanet provides businesses, consumers and organizations constantly evolving, diverse and high-quality products and communication services, as well as integrated services. Kaisanet is looking for growth particularly in the fields of modern Internet and network solutions, IT services and security products and services. For example, during 2011-2012 the company invested significantly in fixed network solutions and built fiber optic broadband for approximately 2,600 kilometers in length within their entire operational area. Kaisanet Oy is a member of the Finnet group consisting of 23 regional independent telecommunication companies located in different parts of Finland.

Kaisanet manages the location and property information of their network with the web based KeyCom solution of Keypro. Since 2012 Kaisanet serves the diggers of the area with cable location service provided by Keypro. Implementation of the service was preceded by a feasibility study, in which Kaisanet analyzed how to rationalize the network information management across the enterprise. At the same time it was found out how the cable marking process should be organized in the best possible way. Based on the study Kaisanet decided to introduce Keycom solution for managing network information, as well as service for managing cable location inquiries.  ”The services seemed to fit our operating model very well, and the contractors as the diggers of the region were already accustomed to the use of services when operating with other cable owners”, says Heikki Seppänen, head of the cable team of Kaisanet Oy. ”Thus, in the middle of the busiest excavation season - in the summer of 2012 - we decided take service into use. Time was a bit of a risk for us, but it was worth it”, says Seppänen, who is satisfied with the service concept. 

Kaisanet made a strict guideline and decided that all cable location inquiries and marking requests must go through service. ”Even if we were at the busiest construction period, was easily taken into practice at Kaisanet Oy. Instantly, the service started running and immediately covered 70% of our network. And in January 2013 100% of our network was covered in the service”, says Heikki Seppänen and continues ”In practice, during the first six months we were convinced that this is exactly the right direction, and the method to organize the management of cable location inquiries in our company. At the beginning the self-service rate of the location inquiries was rather modest, below 20%. But the use of the service has increased considerably, and in particular the use of self-service has increased compared to requests made by telephone. ”While older players still may prefer the traditional phone service, the younger contractors and diggers are taking the self-service model as their own” says Seppänen, and continues, ”In addition, we at Kaisanet lead all cable location inquiries from different sources to service”.

What are then the benefits reached by Kaisanet Oy through the service? Besides cost savings and increased efficiency of work Heikki Seppänen highlights two important advantages. ”As is the only path for location inquiries, we get an exact digital trace of each inquiry on KeyCom network map: who excavated, when and where. The precise area boundary has already helped us several times when we have afterwards sorted out the responsibilites related to a damaged cable”. The second benefit is related to fulfillment of the cable owner’s responsibilities. ”The e-mail notifications which can be configured together with Keypro are a really useful feature. With us in Kaisanet the administrators get notification email as soon as the contractors have conducted a location inquiry. In addition with the help of the logs we can check the realized cable markings and compare them with contractor’s billing.” In other words, many of the steps of the location inquiries and the cable marking processes become more transparent to Kaisanet. “We still verify the contractor billing manually”, Seppänen says with a laugh.

Käsämä Water Co-operative gains benefits with KeyAqua

Käsämä village, situated in rural area of North Karelia in Finland, offers not only stunning landscape and views but also modern water and sewer service. The water and sewer lines are operated and maintained by Käsämä Water Co-operative. Kauko Piironen, the CEO of the co-operative tells that the availability of a modern water and sewer system has been one of the key reasons the village has not only been able to sustain the population but also grow. 

The Käsämä Water Co-operative has been operational since 1984. There are currently over 460 households connected to the lines operated by the co-operative. They have currently 127 kilometers of water ducts and almost 100 kilometers of sewer ducts. CEO Piironen describes that throughout history the co-operative has been under constant building and forming. The expansion has naturally brought some challenges related to the operation of water and sewer facilities. Before taking Keypro’s KeyAqua solution into use one of the largest challenges concerned the management of network information. That is, how to maintain the location and property information related to all network elements (ducts, valves, pumping stations and consumption points). And even more, how to share this up to date information with stakeholders such as contractors quickly and accurately when needed. 

Piironen explains that Keypro’s KeyAqua has solved these challenges for the Käsämä Water Co-operative. He tells that the clear advantage with KeyAqua is that everyone who needs to access the network information can do so just by opening their web browser, from home, on the road, or wherever there is Internet connectivity. Further, according to Piironen, the service solves many practical challenges namely for the water co-operative: Keypro maintains and backs up the network information, updates the software and keeps the service up and running. Water co-operative can focus on maintaining the network information and serving the mem-bers of the co-operative. 

CEO Piironen tells that water co-operative has expanded so quickly that without proper net-work information system even local long term members would have problems telling where a certain consumption point resides. Now all of that information is stored and maintained in the KeyAqua solution and there is no need to maintain paper maps any more. Although sometimes KeyAqua’s advanced printing function comes handy, for example when water co-operative wants to take a snapshot of current network area to share with a local contractor. Besides network information management, Käsämä water co-operative uses KeyAqua for invoicing the customers. With the light-weight billing solution the co-operative can produce the needed invoices based on the up to date information stored in the system and this helps further to re-duce the paper work.

There is a common challenge that many water co-operatives will face in near future. Namely, the people who currently run and manage the water and sewer networks in the small co-operatives are ageing. Considering the successful continuation of operations, it is very critical to make sure that the important information about the water and sewer systems does not get lost when new people take over the operations. Käsämä Water Co-operative identified these challenge years ago as new and younger people came to work in the co-operative. Kauko Piironen explains that KeyAqua has been an instrumental tool helping Käsämä to make sure that the information is retained when the new generation takes over the control to run the co-operative. Even the very fresh members quickly learn how to get information about the water and sewer network and how to keep the information up to date. 

City of Joensuu - Street light network operated with KeyLight

Joensuu is the lively capital of the North Karelia Region in Finland. It is located close to the Russian border and about 400 km North-East from the capital of the country, Helsinki. The city of Joensuu owns and operates the street light network that provides outdoor lighting for the population of 73,000 inhabitants. But there are only few people who run the street light operations in the city office – the majority of the operations has been outsourced via a bidding process to an external private company. That company not only maintains and services the street light network but also maintains the full inventory of street light units and their properties (lamp poles, cables and other related equipment). In the daily operation both city of Joensuu and the contracted maintenance company use Keypro’s KeyLight solution. In fact, the city of Joensuu is one of the first users of fully browser based KeyLight network information management solution by Keypro and the city contributed to the design of first features of the tool.

Before Keypro’s KeyLight solution the information about street lights in the city of Joensuu was in a typical shape. For the location of the street light units there was a paper map in use while the property information about the units was in a computerized database. The database solution dated back to 90’s and required specific software to be installed per desktop. Around 2005 the city started to see a need to combine the spatial and property information. Among the available options were several desktop based GIS-systems and Keypro’s web based solution, KeyLight. Among these, the city chose Keypro’s solution. There were several criteria that weighted in favor of Keypro’s solution but there were also some concerns.

The access, cost and convenience aspects weighted in the selection of the tool. “With a browser-based solution you do not need to install special software for desktops or laptops, you only need a browser”, says Ari Varonen, City Engineer of Joensuu. He considers that web based solution has simplified the maintenance of IT and brought also savings since the city does not any more need to count how many desktop licenses are needed. In addition to these aspects there are also convenience factors. “To get a report of street lights in certain area I do not need to call my contractor”, explains Ari, “I can access the same information and get the report I want with few clicks”. However, in this aspect the web based solution has some catch-up to do with respect to desktop solution. The richness of desktop solution gradually moves to browser. And that’s why Keypro invests so much in understanding the work and context of real network information professionals.

Further, the remote and mobile access weighted in the selection. “We also considered the mobile use”, says Ari Varonen, “we knew that it will be coming sooner or later, the need to access the network information from the field, on the spot, without the need to print out maps”. Although the city and the contractor have not yet fully utilized the potential of mobile use it remains important. Namely, not only from the field, Keypro’s solution allows a remote access by contractors. “It is important that we have an option to select our contractors without system limitations”, says Mr. Varonen, “When the fixed contract for the entire street light network ends, we want to be able to select the best offer for the following term”. With KeyLight solution you just create new user accounts for the new contractor and disable the access for the previous, without losing any vital network information.

While the current use by city of Joensuu presents the basic use case of the KeyLight solution, by going for the web based solution they have already obtained many options for future development. Namely, web-based KeyLight also makes it possible to integrate a public notice system. That is, with a small additional effort city can open a web site for public where any citizen could report for example broken light bulbs in public lamp posts. Also, a web-based solution with mobile access can be used to provide a work flow control and follow-up with contractors. In a similar way KeyLight can be not only used for maintaining an existing system but to plan new extensions. Added benefit would be that both existing and planned pieces of street light network would be readily available in a single tool. In fact, in the case of Joensuu the city will in the future combine the tasks of asset management and new extensions under one single contract. When the single system is also used already in the planning and designing phase for the new network segments the city and contractor gets additional benefits and synergies with the surveying and city planning functions. Last but not least, KeyLight has very flexible web service interfaces allowing easy extension to online monitoring systems (for example alarms) and remote control systems for street lights.

Port of Helsinki – simultaneous network planning, building and ramp-up

Vuosaari seaport in Helsinki, Finland is one of the newest and most modern seaports in Europe. Building the facility was a large scale effort in which many companies participated. Besides energy distribution, Helsingin Energia was in charge of planning and implementing the telecommunications network. "Planning and building network utilities within a large seaport facility is almost like building a small city - at least when measured in terms of cable and devices used” says Panu Oksman, project manager at Helsingin Energia. Telecommunications network is the backbone of the whole harbour area and enables such high level of automation that is currently in use. Helsingin Energia used Keypro solution for task. "The whole effort took around one year. With Keypro's web based tools we were able to simultaneously do network planning, building and operational ramp-up".

After the network was implemented, it was handed to the final customer, Port of Helsinki. Helsingin Energia did not only deliver network model but a live, online model of what was implemented. "Operating facility of size of a seaport is challenging. We need to have accurate view of the whole harbour network grid without special training to CAD systems", says Esa Salonen, IT-manager, Port of Helsinki. "Keypro solution brings the seaport's network information to the cloud, and we can quickly access and modify the network information directly in our web browsers, from anywhere". Currently Keypro is involved with Vuosaari seaport in the role of providing the cloud based solution and system support.

Lounea telecommunications provider gains operational efficiency with Keypro

Lounea offers consumer and corporate customers fiber optic connections and ICT services in the areas of southwest Finland, Kanta-Häme and Pirkanmaa. Lounea's fiber optic network is ready for almost 100,000 fiber optic connections.

Lounea has been using the Keypron KeyCom network information system for over 10 years and is widely used by the company's staff and partners. Good interfaces have enabled integration with other systems available in the company, such as CRM, ERP and provisioning systems. In addition, fully customized integrations have been built into the system. real-time map of fiber optic sales sales. In addition to KeyCom, Lounea has a KeyF2H service, which also provides fiber optic availability information to customers at

KeyDH customers

District heating and cooling network information system KeyDH is also being used by following organizations: Municipality of Enonkoski, Huittisten Lämpö Oy, Imatran Lämpö Oy, Juuan Kaukolämpö Oy, Kemin Energia ja Vesi Oy, Liedon Lämpö, Loimaan Kaukolämpö, Mäntän Kaukolämpö- ja Vesihuolto, Paraisten Kaukolämpö, Someron Vesihuolto Oy, Suomussalmen Energia Oy, Municipality of Taipalsaari, Valkeakosken Energia Oy, Äänekosken Energia Oy