Cable lookup service 24/7

Safe-to-Dig is a comprehensive, nation-wide service for cable lookup and location display service by Keypro Oy that’s aimed at the owners of network infrastructure. With the service, the network owner can fulfill responsibilities imposed by the law to communicate the location of underground networks to prevent hazard.

With the service, we make the whole cable lookup process more effective and rapid by automating and transferring part of human work to be performed by the system. In addition, the turnkey service makes it possible for the network owners to outsource a comprehensive cable lookup and location display service to boost their activities.

Our Safe-to-Dig service can be attached the network information services, so that following events in real time and the transparency of the events will be increased. A chain of events that is documented from the beginning to the end speeds up interpretation of accidental cases and makes it clearer.

The service is cost free for excavators, and the reports can be ordered electronically around the clock at our www.Safe-to-Dig site. We provide the excavators with a clear user interface, telephone direction and excellent maps and instructions. There are more than 12,000 registered excavators and the operating areas of more than 555 operators documented in our system.

Planning of telecom and electricity networks

Our company has more than 20 years of experience in planning of telecom networks, from a location plan in the field up to automated, programmatic network planning. Our experts serve telecom operators as well as contractors to create a cost-effective plan.

We create and present the plans with our company’s own KeyCom system and our service products, and utilizing the automation applications of our partners. The results and plans are easily transferable to the customers’ systems.

We also perform electricity network planning related to location and acquiring permits.

Network Surveying

Our service covers surveying of water service, electricity distribution, street lighting, remote heating, gas and telecom networks, and importing and continuous updating of existing surveying data into the Customer’s network information solution.

Surveying is performed by a proficient team with years of experience, or in cooperation with renowned subcontractors that have passed acceptance to our operation. The needed hardware, processes and methods have been optimized with a cost-effective and high quality result in mind. Especially, we have paid attention to the joint use of our surveying service and our network information systems, and the comprehensive boosting of operation.

Documentation and maintenance service

Within network maintenance service, our experts update new and changed data directly into our customer’s network information system, according to the material provided by the contractor. Our experts use daily also other than Keypro products with documenting. Our versatile documentation and maintenance service covers water service, electricity distribution, street lighting, remote heating, gas and telecom network sectors.

Our quality assurance process makes sure that the data agreed with the customer will be documented with the desired precision, allowing the customers to concentrate on their own core business and receive up-to-date information from the network information system whenever needed.

In addition to documentation, our service business covers demanding data service tasks of the network information in different systems.

We provide network information systems for property management of different network types as a cost-effective cloud service. We take care of converting the customer’s current network documentation into the new system, introduction and user training. Our support service helps with challenges during running the systems.