• Professional network information tools for dedicated utility sectors

  • Full network planning functionality in your web browser

  • More accurate data, less errors, leaner operations

  • Get more flexibility and efficiency with your contractors


We provide network information management tools for telecom, energy, water, sewer, street lightning and district heating applications. Our tools are intuitive and easily integrateable to your other systems. Best of all, our tools run directly in your browser.


We provide professional GIS services for private and public utility sector. We provide consultation, network planning and GIS training. Our experts can help you in digitizing and converting your existing network information to new era of network information management.


Our close to 200 customers include over 50 telecom operators, over 60 water utilities, over 20 municipalities, seaports and airports. Most of our customers have switched to our service from old workstation model and gained significant benefits.

Who we are

We are GIS and CAD experts and we specialize in network information systems. Having a solid background in workstation systems we wanted to make a difference and reinvented how you can model and operate your network, always online, as a cloud service.


All you need is browser. No plugins. That makes it powerful. 

Plan, edit, connect, maintain your network. Full functionality, online. 

Support, training, data conversion. Our GIS experts at your service. 

Software as service. If you need, we can host your data as well. 

Desktop, laptop, mobile. Network data available wherever you need. 

Serving 150+ customers. We help you to save in operational costs. 


We provide professional consultation services for both public and private sector. Our clients include municipalities as well as utility network owners. We have special knowledge and experience in consultation on GIS solutions, cable lookup processes, excavation permit management and No-Objection Certificates (NOC).

KeyCom - the powerful network information system in your browser

KeyCom network information system provides full professional functionality for telecommunications, both mobile and fixed lines. KeyCom runs in your browser without plugins and is the fully featured network information system with support for cables, customer circuits, conduits, manholes, devices, connections. KeyCom provides everything you need to plan, edit and manage your telecom network in an easy to use and intuitive interface.

KeyAqua - Solution for water and sewage utilities

KeyAqua solution is a professional network information system for water, sewer and stormwater utility operators and their contractors. KeyAqua runs in your browser and is fully featured network information system with support for documentation of the network, planning the maintenance for the network, responding to urgent and acute actions and failures, and planning and managing renovation programs. 

Cable lookup service

Keypro operates cable lookup service which increses safety and productivity for all parties. Service allows any contractor to look up cables prior to excavation. Give it a try yourself at safe-to-dig.com