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Telia Finland

Telia Finland to upgrade to latest KeyCom network information center

  • Network information system installed at customer's premises, on dedicated servers
  • Interfaces with other systems
  • Data migration and processing of 30 000 map pages
  • Extensive onboarding and training program


Másmóvil uses Keypro’s KeyCom network information solution in its operations in Spain

  • Complete planning solution with area-based permissions
  • Contractors gain access to powerful features in assigned areas
  • Data migration of 1M homes in three months
  • Data exchange to collaborating networks synchronizes the status of the network
  • Integration with service availability and ordering site

Kymen Vesi

Kymen Vesi trusts KeyAqua

  • Fully hosted Software-as-a-Service system.​
  • New features developed including interfaces to 3rd party systems (e.g. measurements).​
  • Data migration from three different sources
  • Further data enhancement services.​


Väylä manages its nationwide road light assets in KeyLight

  • Extensive computer conversion, covering 250,000 lighting points for road, bridge, and tunnel luminaires, as well as 4,500 road lighting centers.
  • Deployment of customer environment, for the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency's delivery project.
  • Regional training sessions for designers and contractors.


The city of Jyväskylä entered a new era in managing its street light network

  • The software manages the outdoor lighting network and traffic light network documents.
  • Transfer of existing data to KeyLight.
  • Correct information available from one place and used in the field in real-time.


The city of Kerava implemented a modern tool to manage streetlight assets

  • KeyLight software to manage streetlight network and traffic light network
  • Migration and quality improvement of existing network data to KeyLight.
  • Huge improvements in data availability between stakeholders
  • Extensive onboarding and training program


Helen uses KeyHeat in its operations

  • Customer solution developed to specification​
  • Extensive data migration and interfaces between KeyHeat and CRM workflow management systems​
  • The network contains more than 15,000 heating and cooling points, covering an area of over half a million inhabitants​
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