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Streamline GIS development and maintenance of your network information

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GIS solution for water experts for understanding network behavior and communicating with customers.


GIS solution for district heating experts for managing network maintenance and handling supply interruptions.


GIS solutions for gas experts for managing network assets and customers.


GIS solutions for telecom experts for managing network and connectivity.


GIS solution for lighting experts for collecting faults and managing network maintenance.


GIS solution for energy experts for managing energy network.

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Our supportive team of experts provide training with all service levels operating at 100% in 'the new normal'

How it works

We setup your geographic information system using the data you provide. This can be from CAD files or even printed Map formats. Training and technical development is delivered and your team receives access to login on any device with a web-browser.

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Powerful GIS Platform

Browser based solution with no installations or add-ons.

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Full Network Inventory

Detailed network object information with connectivity.

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Collaboration Platform

All information in one place, available for everyone.

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Network Management

Lifecycle management with third party solutions.

Asset management

Manage your assets and keep all team members working on the same data in real time.

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Access from any device

Assign area-based permissions for contractors to access data from the field using their mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

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Drill down to detail

Take advantage of a full online relational database and drill down to extensive detail.

KeyCom Drill Down
The KeyCom solution at Másmóvil is used daily by more than 200 simultaneous users in design, construction and operation with area-based rights for contractors.
Large Spanish Telecoms Operator
Powered by KeyCom
KeyAqua provides us a handy way to manage and access all of the needed documentation from a normal web browser.
Water Utility Company
Powered by KeyAqua
KeyDH provides interfacing between the customer management system and the work management system.
Largest Energy Company in Finland
Powered by KeyDH
KeyLight covers 250,000 lighting points for road, bridge and tunnel luminaires, as well as 4,500 road lighting centers.
Finnish Transport Agency (now Väylä)
Powered by KeyLight

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