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Comprehensive and expandable software solution for telecom business experts.

Would it be easier to manage all data in one system?

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Plan network manually or with automatic planning solution.

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Document connections and changes during construction.

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Automate delivery with provisioning services.

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Keep high quality network documentation up to date.


How it works

Import existing network data to one place, available for everyone everywhere. Update, enhance, manage, and share information together with all stakeholders. Plan network from scratch or understand how existing network and customers are connected.

Understand how customers are connected

With KeyCom you can find out how customers are connected to network and what services are available in different locations. High quality and detailed network information makes provisioning of services faster.

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Locating network faults

Using physical connectivity and route follower with OTDR measurement devices network faults can be located faster and connection downtime to customers is minimized.

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Features and Services

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Our customers

Over 25 years customers has stayed with us. We have over 300 happy customers worldwide.

Masmovil telecom network uses KeyCom
KeyCom at Másmóvil is used daily by more than 200 simultaneous users, ie people involved in the design, construction and operation of Másmóvil's network.
Telia telecom network uses KeyCom
With the help of KeyCom, Telia is able to further enhance the design, documentation, construction and cooperation of networks with contractors.
Ufinet telecom network uses KeyCom
New features for UFINET, migrating physical and logical network information and geospatial data and training UFINET users to use KeyCom.
Latin America
The systems solution leverages KeyCom by Keypro for GIS and network information capabilities and Sttar by Setics for the fast automated planning support.
DNA logo
DNA Plc, one of the largest telco providers in Finland, and Keypro Oy, announced a major contract. Keypro delivers KeyCom, the physical and logical network inventory solution to DNA.

Our partners

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