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Comprehensive and expandable geographical information solution for heating business experts.

Would it be easier to manage all data in one system?


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Analyse network condition and plan investments.

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Plan maintenance tasks and track deflections.

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Communicate with customers using SMS and fault map.

District heating GIS access


Plan and manage supply interruptions.

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How it works

Import existing network data to one place, available for everyone everywhere. Update, enhance, manage, and share information together with all stakeholders. Understand condition of network and use resources efficiently by managing supply interruptions systematically.

Understand the condition of your network

With KeyDH you can find objects based on attributes like renovation needs, diameter, status etc. and highlight information on map to understand better where to focus investments and maintenance resources.

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Manage supply interruption

Analyze which customers are affected and highlight existing observations within problematic area when performing supply interruption. Locate correct valves fast to cut supply within specific area.

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Features and Services

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GIS managed efficiently

Manage the lifecycle of your network assets by collecting network information directly from the field, share data easily with all stakeholders, plan maintenance and investments, manage supply interruptions and maintenance tasks.


Our customers

Over 25 years customers has stayed with us. We have over 300 happy customers worldwide.

Finland's largest provider of district heating covering more than 15,000 heating and cooling consumer points within the Helsinki area.
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One of Finland's largest district heating network operators covering approximately 600 kilometres of the district heating network.
Vantaa Energy

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