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After You approve these terms, We will grant you access to Keypro web service (Service) 1.  The Service is provided by Keypro Oy (We), based on Our agreement with the Customer. The Customer can be an infrastructure owner, network planner, consultant or whoever has bought the Service from Us. The Service enables You to access, view and document infrastructure networks online.

We make the Service available to You and expect You to follow these Terms of Service. This allows us to provide valuable Service and enables You and other Service users to enjoy the Service. The Service is meant only for business use and not for consumer purposes.

1 See list of services that are covered with these Terms at https://www.keypro.fi


The Service tracks changes that are made to the information that is stored in the Service. You are accountable for the changes made with Your account. This is why Your user account is personal. Do not share the information that is needed to log in to Service to anyone or let other people use Your account to the Service.


We are committed to

  1. helping the Service function properly;
  2. securing the information stored in the Service;
  3. providing Customer accurate invoicing records;
  4. providing audit trail for the use of the Service;
  5. developing the Service.
For these reasons we monitor Your use of the Service. We have designed the Service to respect Your privacy. You can find more information in our privacy policy.


Our aim is to provide a great Service. We are responsible to all of our clients and users that our Service functions as it is meant to. Therefore, we ask You to cooperate and to use the Service responsibly. We have a right to terminate Your access to the Service if we find Your use malicious or infringing.


We are constantly developing the Service. If You see a defect, error or room for improvement in the Service, let us know. You can contact us at support@keypro.fi.

We provide the Service for Your benefit and we want to make Your life easier. However, we cannot guarantee that nothing will ever go wrong. Therefore, we cannot assume liability for damages in relation to Your use of the Service.

We sometimes may have to limit Your access to the Service to update, fix or to do maintenance work with the Service. We will try to send in advance information about the breaks in the Service to the Customer.


The Service has core functionalities and additional features of the Service. You may not have access to all of the functionalities of the Service. We have agreed on the details regarding the scope of the Service in a separate agreement with the Customer. You may ask about the scope of the agreed features from the Customer.


Most of the data that we store in the Service is added by users like You. There are laws about data collection and making that data available online. This is why we ask You to make sure:

  1. the data you enter to the Service is correct, and,
  2. if data can be connect to a real person storing and processing of the data must comply with the aforementioned privacy policy.

We are the processor of the data. The registrar has defined how and why the data that can be collected, processed and deleted in their own privacy policy. Please review it before submitting personal data to the Service.


We own the Intellectual Property Rights of the Service. We are proud to use open source components to produce the Service. The data, which is stored in the Service, is often owned by our Customer.

The Service may make the data available to public and other users to view and edit. This is why We require You to assign the rights to store the data, edit the data and make it available to other Service users to Us.

We want to make sure that no-one’s copyrights are violated by the Service. Whenever you add data to the Service, be sure that you have the right to do so.


The Service is the result of Our hard work and creativity.  We reserve all rights to the Service. Please respect Our effort and Our intellectual property.

We ask You not to

  • make copies, modifications or derivative works of the Service or the Documentation.
  • decompile or reverse engineer the Service.

If you come up with something You want to do with the Service that is not covered by these Terms, contact Us and let’s see if we can find a solution.


The Service contains information about Customer, infrastructure networks and their users. This information is confidential and it is only meant to the users of the Service. You are not allowed to reveal the information to anyone else. The term applies even if You stop using the Service.


Your responsibility is to use the Service respectfully and comply with these terms. If You don’t, we have a right to terminate Your access to the Service.

These Terms of Service remain effective until Customer’s subscription for You expires or terminates, or your access to the Services has been terminated by Customer or us.


We want to keep developing the Service. Therefore, We can change the features of the Service and these Terms of Service from time to time or as agreed with the Customer. Whenever we change the Terms of Service, We present the changes before You can login to the Service. We may also notify You by sending an email to You or to the contact associated with Your account. This Terms of Service is dated and last updated on March 26, 2018


As We are a Finnish company, these terms follow the laws of Finland excluding its choice of law provisions.

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