We strive to maintain transparency and high-level business ethics. The reporting channel offers the opportunity to communicate about suspected abuses that affect people, our organization, society or the environment.

The whistleblowing service reduces the likelihood of abuse and demonstrates our commitment to fair action. You do not need to have evidence to support your suspicions, but reports must be made in good faith.

You can share your concerns anonymously through the notification channel. This is operated by a third party partner, WhistleB.


The channel enabling anonymous reporting can be found at:

The notification channel can be accessed from, for example, a computer, tablet and smartphone. We recommend that you send a report from a device that is not connected to our intranet.
More information can be found here:


"WhistleB offers a third-party reporting service that guarantees the anonymity of the reporter when communicating with the employer. The service is completely separate from the employer's IT systems and online services. WhistleB does not store IP addresses or other information that could identify the sender of the report. All reports are encrypted and only named persons can extract them. WhistleB cannot extract and read the reports." WhistleB