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1 Privacy Policy

Keypro respects the confidentiality of Your personal data.

In this Privacy policy we tell You about the principles on how we care for Your data privacy when You are using network information service (Service) or other system containing personal data and which is provided by Keypro (We). We operate in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We provide the Service based on Our agreement with the Customer. The Customer can be an infrastructure owner, network planner, consultant or whoever has bought the Service from Us.

Depending on which Service you are using, Keypro can act in the role of Data processor and/or Data Controller. According to the GDPR, the Data controller defines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data and because of this We as a Processor only describe in this document the general principles of the processing of Your personal data which are common to all our network information system customers.  The Controller can tell You more details about the processing of Your personal data.


2 Contact details of Data controller and Representative

Keypro Oy is the Data controller of the filing systems of the following  services:

  • -site
  • -cable lookup service
  • Training and demo environments of network information systems managed by Keypro
  • Web polls managed by Keypro
  • User support system of Keypro
  • Subscriber register of Keypro newsletter

Contact details for the Data controller of these filings systems:

Keypro Oy
Energiakatu 4

Contact details for the Representative of the Data controller:

For other network information services of Keypro, Keypro acts generally in the role of Data Processor and the Network owner is the Data Controller. You can find the information about the Controller in the Customer specific terms of use published on the Customer’s home page or following the link on the login page of the Service you are using.


3 Your personal data we collect and store

We store personal data on You as the end user of the network in order to help our Customer to produce a quality network service for You. We also collect information on the users in order to develop the Service further. The basis for processing Your personal data as stated on article 6 EU general data protection principles is

  • our legitimate interest when we are processing Your personal data in order to provide the Service to our customer
  • necessary for the performance of a contract to which You as the data subject are party when our customer processes Your data in order to provide a network service, such as water or telecommunication service to You

If You don’t log in to the Service, we only store Your IP address and other information collected automatically by the Service. On our web polls we store also the information you provide.

When we receive a support request from You, we store contact information and information needed to resolve the support request.

As a user logging in to the Service we collect and store only information which is necessary for providing the Service to You

We collect and process the following information:

  • Your name and contact details (telephone number, Your email address);
  • name of Your company, if any
  • Your user account
  • Your IP address and other information which is automatically collected or filled in by You when You use the website of the Service.
  • for You as the end user of the network we collect also Your address and the type of Your apartment, if any.

4 How we collect personal data

We collect and process only personal data which

  • You have given to the Service or to Our customer in order to provide the Service or the network service to You
  • is automatically collected in the Service or its website

We can use cookies, network tracing and other techniques to collect this information.


5 How we transfer and disclose personal data

The controller can disclose Your personal data with the entities who use the personal data for the purposes specified in chapter Your personal data we collect and store and only in the extent necessary for the fulfilment of the purposes. We will also disclose Your personal data with authorities if legislation or authorities such require.  


6 Transfer of personal data outside EU or EEA

We don’t transfer Your personal data outside European Union or European Economical Area.


7 How long we store Your personal data

We store Your personal data as the Controller instructs for as long as it is necessary for fulfilment of the network service offered to You by Our customer or the Service to You.


8 Your rights as a data subject

You have the right: 

  • to get information on the processing on Your personal data;
  • to get access to Your personal data and of Your personal data;
  • object the processing of Your personal data;
  • ask for rectification or erasure of Your personal data.

In order to use Your rights, You shall request this from the Controller.


9 Your right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority

You have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority if You see that either We or the Controller has processed Your personal data in violation of the data protection legislation.


10 Data security

We take care together with the Controller that Your personal data is stored protected in a data system to whom have only access those persons who need this data for their duties. These persons have their personal user accounts and tokens and they are bound by non disclosure of Your personal data. Your personal data is stored in protected server environment in Finland.


11 Use of cookies

The service uses cookies for the functions of the Service and tracking of the website. You can prevent the use of cookies through the settings of Your browser application. You can also delete the cookies after using the Service or it’s website. If You do this, Your use of the Service may be prevented or the Service may not function properly for You.

The service uses first-party cookies, third-party cookies and third-party requests.

First-party cookies are cookies set by the site itself and which can be read only by the Web site. They are used to make the site, such as the network information system of Keypro, work properly. By default, the first-party cookies are allowed in every web browser.

Third-party cookies are set by a third party (such as Google) that can track your web browsing or show ads. These cookies are also read from your browser on other sites that use these services.

Third party requests are made from your browser to an external service. Despite the fact that these requests don't set any cookies, they can still transfer reference to your personal data to third parties. Google Analytics – a common tool for website analysis – which we use, works through third party requests.


12 Updates on this privacy policy

When for example the legislation changes we update this privacy policy. This privacy policy is dated and last updated on May 15, 2018.


13 Dominance of different language translations

We target to have the same content in the different language versions of this information. However, if there is a difference in the content of the Finnish and other translations of this information, the Finnish text is dominant.

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